Produce, Procure & Fulfill from a Cloud-Based Warehouse Fulfillment Software.

Consolidate disconnected platforms, remove manual processes, boost productivity and return your focus to your customers.

Commerical Printers

Web 2 Print features are just a small part of providing your customers with complete solutions. With Propago not only can you offer clients powerful marketing portals, but more importantly Propago handles all production, procurement and fulfillment operations that the portals generate.

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Fulfillment Proivders

Boost inventory accuracy, picking accuracy and overall throughput of your facility. The Propago platform includes all of the standard WMS features you have come to expect, but also brings in some bells and whistles that will bring your operations to the next level.

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Promo/Apparel Suppliers

Offer your clients comprehensive marketing management portals for all of their branded materials. Propago was built to handle any kind of product and drive robust procurement, production and warehouse operations throughout the supply chain.

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Save Money!

It's really that simple. The combination of Propago's SaaS model and it's broad capabilities will save you money.

We have aligned our pricing models with YOUR use of the platform. No Large up-front investment, No hardware to purchase, No expensive data center to maintain, Propago handles all of that for you.

In addition to our competitive pricing, we provide a solution that frankly does more with less. With Propago you can be confident your operation is running as streamlined as possible.

save money
improve productivity

Optimize Your Overall Productivity

Whether you are a commercial printer, fulfillment provider or a promotional product supplier, Propago simplifies and automates production & fulfillment processes, resulting in lower production costs and increased profitability.

Propago combines production, procurement, inventory management and fulfillment into a single platform.

By minimizing human touch points, Propago is able to decrease inefficiency, error and waste, but more importantly, allows you to focus on your core strategies.

Handle High Volume & Order Complexity

Mixture of Just-In-Time, Warehousing, and Outside Inventory? No Problem. Complex kit builds tying up resources and time? Easy. High Order Volume crippling operations? We can help.

Propago streamlines all aspects of operations from production, procurement, order and inventory management, to kitting, pick pack and distribution.

Propago can handle anything from a simple business card order to an extremely complex marketing kit of customized printed products and inventoried promotional items. With robust features such as order consolidation, batch shipping, real-time reporting and production queues, handling high order volume and complexity can be done with ease and peace of mind.

management solution
marketing asset consolidation

Consolidate Disconnected Systems into One

Are your customers continually raising the stakes and pushing your technology limits?

We have seen it over and over. Customer's requesting more advance capabilities, often requiring service providers to acquire multiple platforms in order to handle.

Our goal at Propago is to provide a single platform for everything. Using a single system, you have the ability to procure, produce, manage and ship anything you need without the headaches of working with multiple systems and convoluted integrations.

Automate Your Production Workflow

Looking to lower production/fulfillment costs while providing quick turn-around for your clients?

Propago gives you the ability to automate your operations by bringing together a collection of configurable production & fulfillment tools.

Just to mention a few: Configurable Production Queues, Consolidated Procurement Views, Batched Production Runs, Order Consolidation, Order Signature Detection and much more.

automate services
improve inventory visibility

Improved Visibility From Start to Finish

Let’s face it, limited visibility can easily cause production/fulfillment hiccups. These can cost you time, money and potentially your client. Progago breaks through all the frustration and mystery.

We call it AutoMagic! From order inception, through production, all the way to final shipment, Propago is with you.

Order, Production and Inventory statuses are constantly updated in real-time. Plus, with features like Propago’s job dashboard, production queues, visual reporting, and automated alerts, you will have visibility at every turn.

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