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Centralized platform connecting your customers' marketing portals to their production partners, all under your control.

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Expand Your Product Offering and Services

Propago allows you to provide your clients a marketing management platform to handle all of their marketing assets.

Regardless where the products get produced or shipped from, Propago reduces the burden of managing orders, inventory, production and distribution, allowing your clients to focus on their business. No matter how great your clients’ demands are for print, digital or promotional goods, Propago handles any type of product regardless of complexity and volume.

Offering Propago to your clients, ensures you remain a crucial long-term partner. Or at the very least it will demonstrate your knowledge of the entire marketing lifecycle.

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Connect your Customers With Their Preferred Vendors

Propago allows you to connect your clients with unlimited amounts of vendors (whether they are your vendors or theirs). Setting up new producing partners is a breeze, plus, if you have trusted preferred vendors you can continue to drive business their way.

Whether a client requires print assets be produced by their printer in Albuquerque or wants to use your promo vendor in Omaha, Propago can handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Simplify your Clients’ Marketing Workflow

Put your clients’ marketing products to work. If your clients are exhausting their marketing budgets on marketing assets that simply don’t see the light of day, it's probably because their sales teams and partners are having difficulty accessing and ordering them.

Likewise, if your clients are experiencing problems with budgeting, controlling inventory or having a reliable supply chain, their time, money and effort could get deferred from you.

With Propago, your clients' marketing assets are always accessible, your clients' budgets are protected and your clients' supply chain runs like a machine.

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Provide Marketing Flexibility and Simplification

Offering your clients with the freedom to choose and switch producers at any time is one of the many benefits Propago provides.

However, with Propago you can give your clients absolute control on who can access their marketing products, what products they can see and what creative elements they can modify. Also, your clients control spending and order limits so their budgets and inventory are always aligned with their core marketing goals.

In a nut shell, Propago gives you the ability to offer current clients and prospects with the freedom to do more using fewer resources while staying flexible. You can help your clients connect their marketing portals with the production facilities of their choice and automate the entire process that otherwise would take weeks to get set up and months to switch to a new producer.

Support for Physical Assets and Digital Assets

Are your clients struggling to keep up with a vastly expanding portfolio of their digital assets? Are their assets spread across multiple storage locations? Do they have to field constant requests for simple file manipulations such as flipping formats or tweaking the size? Do they need to run reports to see who is using their assets and when?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a central repository where your clients’ employees and partners could retrieve the latest version of all their marketing assets?

Propago DAM is a one-stop-shop for all digital asset management needs. Allow your clients to manage, organize, locate, and distribute digital files from a single cloud-based repository. Provide your clients with a marketing platform where they can control all aspects of their library while allowing the assets to easily get to the people in the field that need them.

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Propago’s marketing portals ensure all of your marketing assets are available 24x7 to those in charge of promoting your brand.

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